Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Serb

Well, for my first post, I just want to very briefly explain what this blog will be about and where better to start than the name of the blog. No, I am not from Serbia. In fact, I have never been to Serbia or outside of the USA which is where I was born. I am a huge Novak Djokovic fan, and he is an incredible ambassador for his country, which has made me a fan of all Serbian tennis players.

I only started following tennis in 2010, which was when I first started playing. The first tennis match I ever sat down to watch from beginning to end was Djokovic's epic win over Roger Federer. Who wouldn't become a huge tennis fan after watching that match? Ever since then, Djokovic has been my favorite player. I never miss any of matches if I can help it. Even if that means ditching class, getting up at 3 a.m., or, in the case of the 2012 Australian Open Final, pulling an all-nighter.

So obviously, I am going to talk a lot about Djokovic. I also love making tennis predictions. I fill out the draw at the beginning of each tournament. Last year, I correctly picked the winner of 26 tournaments and also had 1680 correct picks overall. I also make predictions on who will be in the top 100 at the end of each year, and what their rank will be, so I will talk a lot about rankings as well.

I'm just doing this for fun to have a chance to write down my thoughts on tennis. I'm not sure how often I will post, but I love to write a lot.  Hopefully this will spark some tennis discussions. I love talking about tennis with anyone.

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