Saturday, August 6, 2016

ATP Country Power Rankings

This is my update to my ranking of the best countries on the ATP right now. The rankings are all based on a simple formula. Each country is ranked by the sum of all the singles ranking points earned by each player from that country that is ranked within the top 140.

Spain has been on top of this list since I started calculating it in 2011. Now, with most Spaniards into their 30s, it's just a matter of time before some other country supplants them. France has always been the biggest threat to Spain, but now that Djokovic is dominating more than ever before and Troicki is back, Serbia also has a chance. In fact, through the top 78 in the world, Serbia is ahead of Spain.

The United States is also doing better than at any other time since I began compiling this list. USA comes in fourth place and also has 14 players in the top 140, which is second only to Spain. Through the top 123, the United States actually has the most representatives with 13, while Spain and France both have 12.

Here are the rankings as of Aug. 1:

1. Spain
2. Serbia
3. France
4. United States
5. Great Britain
6. Switzerland
7. Argentina
8. Japan
9. Germany
10. Czech Republic
11. Croatia
12. Canada
13. Australia
14. Russia
15. Italy
16. Austria
17. Belgium
18. Slovakia
19. Ukraine
20. Brazil
21. Portugal
22. Uruguay
23. South Africa
24. Netherlands
25. Bulgaria
26. Luxembourg
27. Cyprus
28. Tunisia
29. Latvia
30. Israel
31. Chinese Taipei
32. Kazakhstan
33. Lithuania
34. Bosnia & Herzegovina
35. Dominican Republic
36. Maldova
37. Uzbekistan
38. Georgia
39. South Korea
40. Colombia

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