Wednesday, December 25, 2013

100 Predictons for 2014 ATP World Tour

These are my 100 predictions for the upcoming season. I only got 47 right last year, so I'm hoping I can do a little better this year. All of my grand slam predictions for finalists are at the end. I let the fan inside me come out for those predictions. I'll defend my picks a little bit at the end.

Federer will finish the season in the top 10
Federer will not reach a grand slam final
Federer will win one or less 1000 event
Federer will win multiple titles
Nadal will not be No. 1 after the US Open
Nadal will defend one or less hard court title
Nadal will get at least 10,000 ranking points
Nobody besides Nadal and Djokovic will be No. 1 or 2
Nadal and Djokovic will combine for at least 3 slams
Nadal and Djokovic will combine for at least 16 finals in slams and masters
Nadal and Djokovic will combine for at least 26,000 ranking points
Djokovic will win a title in at least four of the first five months of the year
Djokovic will win multiple titles in tournaments not played on hard courts
Djokovic will win multiple titles in North America
Djokovic will have more ranking points than Wawrinka and Murray combined
Ferrer will drop out of the top five
Ferrer will earn at least 600 ranking points at one or less tournaments
Ferrer will not win his 600th career match in 2014
Ferrer will win multiple titles for the fifth consecutive year
Murray will not win a grand slam
Murray will finish with less than 8,000 ranking points
Murray will reach one or less semifinals at clay tournaments
Murray and Nadal will meet each other one or less times
Murray will get at least six top 10 wins
Del Potro will be a top four seed at Wimbledon
Del Potro will reach multiple slam semifinals
Del Potro will reach a final in a 1000 or slam before by the end of US Open
Del Potro will win more clay matches than Murray
Del Potro will earn at least $4,000,000 in prize money
Del Potro won't win a five-set match against Nadal, Djokovic, or Murray
Berdych will win a title
Berdych won't win a five-set match against Nadal, Djokovic, or Murray
Berdych will reach the semifinals of at least eight events again
Berdych will end the year ranked higher than Ferrer
Berdych will set a personal record for titles in a season
Berdych, Tsonga, and Federer will not win a grand slam
Wawrinka will never be ranked higher than seven
Wawrinka will fail to reach the quarterfinals in at least two slams
Wawrinka will not beat Djokovic or Nadal
Wawrinka will not finish in the top eight
Gasquet will reach one or less slam quarterfinal
Gasquet will not finish in the top 10
Gasquet will win a title in France
Gasquet will win a five-set match
Gasquet will win at least 42 matches
Tsonga will finish the year as the top-ranked Frenchman
Tsonga will reach the second week in Roland Garros and Wimbledon
Tsonga will defeat three former grand slam champions
Tsonga will win multiple titles
Tsonga will get at least five wins against top 10 opponents
Raonic will finish the year in the top 10
Raonic will win a title without dropping serve
Raonic will lead the tour in aces
Raonic will win at least 10 matches on grass and clay combined
Raonic will reach the quarterfinals in at least eight tournaments
Haas will drop outside the top 20 before Wimbledon
Almagro will win at least 40 matches
Almagro will win a title in South America
Isner will hit at least 900 aces
Fognini will crack the top 15 before the end of February
Anderson will drop out of top 20 before end of March and won't return
Janowicz will finish the year in the top 13
Janowicz will earn at least 500 ranking points from one event
Dimitrov will not win  title
Dimitrov will reach the top 15 for the first time in his career
Dimitrov will reach the fourth round at a slam
Gulbis will reach a career-high ranking before March
Paire will have more double faults than any player in the top 20
Pospisil will reach the top 28 by the end of Wimbledon
Cilic's year-end ranking will be at least 15 spots better than at the start of July
Tomic will not reach the top 20 at any point in the season
Dolgopolov will lose in the first or second round in at least two slams
Between Hewitt, Haas, and Robredo, at least one will retire
Nobody younger than Jiri Vesely will finish the year ranked higher than him
Vesely will win a grand slam match
Harrison will reach a final
Klahn and Young will both be in the top 10 for left-handed players
Sock will earn $500,000 in prize money
Lajovic will crack the top 100
Giraldo will make more in prize money than Seppi
Lopez will hit more aces than Karlovic
Simon's winning record will be better than his percentage of points won
Istomin will hit more aces than he will face break points
Brands will have more break points on his return than on his serve
Brands will reach a final and have a winning record
Matosevic will win a grand slam match
Verdasco will not get more than 300 points at a single tournament
Querrey & Istomin will combine for more ranking points than Haas & Seppi
Exactly four players from Spanish speaking countries will finish in the top 20
At most, 15 different countries will be represented in the top 20
Spain will have  most players in top 15, but France will have most in top 25
At least 20 tournaments will be won by players from that country
The United States will have more players in the top 100 than Germany
No player will reach the top 10 for the first time
The finalists at each slam will be players who have already reached a final
Djokovic will beat Nadal in the Australian Open final
Djokovic will beat Nadal in the Roland Garros final
Djokovic will beat Del Potro in the Wimbledon final
Djokovic will beat Murray in the US Open final
Djokovic will finish the year No. 1 in the world

As I thought about my picks for the grand slams, I tried to think about which slam I thought Djokovic wouldn't win, and I couldn't think of any slam that he wouldn't win. He owns the Australian Open, and who will beat him? Murray is coming off an injury and Djokovic owns the rivalry with Nadal on hard courts since the US Open. For Roland Garros, that is going to be Djokovic's biggest goal of the year. He proved he is good enough to win it last year. I think this is the year that he finally gets it done. Wimbledon will be the tough one for Djokovic. Federer and Nadal proved that they won't ever win another Wimbledon with their disappointing performances last year, so it comes down to Djokovic, Murray, and Del Potro. It will be easier to predict a winner when the draw comes out, but a repeat would be difficult for Murray, and Del Potro has a poor five-set record in his career. At the US Open, Djokovic has always done well. His first slam final was at the US Open and he has reached four consecutive finals there. I also predicted Djokovic would win all four in 2013 and I was wrong of course. I would be shocked if Djokovic actually does win the calendar slam, but I'm not sure which one he will lose. This is certainly going to be a fun season at the slams.


  1. are you kidding me djokovic will win all four slams...that is so stupid he will not even win in Australia let alone in paris!!

  2. Like I said, I was being a fan with some of my predictions. However, saying Djokovic won't win either of the first two slams is just silly.