Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 ATP Predictions Expert Panel

The 2016 ATP World Tour tennis season gets underway with main draw action tomorrow, meaning its time to make predictions. Once again, we have put together a panel of experts that all answered the same questions to see who at the end of the year gets the most correct answers. Last year, Parsa and I tied for first place, and this year the co-defending champion has joined me again to make his predictions for this season.

Click here to see all the predictions.

Joey Hanf, Pete Ziebron, Steen Kirby, and myself are all back from last year's panel. Also joining for the first time are Ben Rothenberg, Dave Gertler, Nick Nemeroff, Jeff Donaldson, Susie Reid, Jonathan Kelley, anRené Denfeld. Make sure all these experts are among the list of people you follow both on twitter and at their various sites and publications.

Here are the final rankings from the panel (perfect predictions in parenthesis):
1. Nick Nemeroff 25-22 (2)
2. Joey Hanf 24-23 (1)
3. Ricky Dimon 23-24 (2)
4. Jeff Donaldson 23-24 (0)
5. Pete Ziebron 22-25 (2)
6. Jonathan Kelley 21-26 (2)
7. Steen Kirby 21-26 (1)
8. Jared Pine 21-26 (0)
9. Parsa 20-27 (1)
9. Susie Reid 20-27 (1)
11. RenĂ© Denfeld 20-27 (0)
12. Ben Rothenberg 19-28 (1)
13. Dave Gertler 12-35 (1)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Congratulations to Nick for winning this year! Also, props to Dave for being the only one to predict Argentina winning the Davis Cup. I'm looking forward to doing this again in 2017!

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